Smart English, Karnataka’s one and only TPRS based English learning platform, Since 2011, we’ve been helping many students SPEAK English flawlessly without traditional grammar lessons or memorizing any vocabularies. We ensure ease of access and flexible time schedules for English language learners around the globe

We emphasize the word SPEAK because we firmly believe you don’t truly know a language until you can speak it.

In fact, we are also a language learner, just like you.

Our students can speak multiple languages, and fortunately, they didn’t follow any traditional methods. Memorizing grammar rules or vocabulary lists they acquired the English just like their mother tongue following our TPRS method.

We emphasize on providing creative and inspiring tools for improving your command over English as a second language, in the best possible manner

We, at SMART ENGLISH believe that learning has no dependence on age. If you are willing to learn. We are always ready to make your English speaking dreams come true.

I firmly believe that learning a new language should be fun and easy! Knowing how difficult it can be for others to learn English, we decided to help students worldwide speak English fluently without relying on grammar rules or textbooks. In less than 3 months, our all students are able to speak English flawlessly!

Many students find it so hard to learn English because of the method they’re using.So, let me show you the techniques you can use to improve your English!